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Who cares about working carers?

Employers have a duty of care to their employees, but do you know who your employees care for?

Only a third of employers (34%) have a policy in place to support employees with caring responsibilities. This is according to the CIPD’s new research in partnership with Westfield Health, which highlights the challenges of working carers in the UK.
It’s estimated that three million UK workers are providing care in some form to older parents or dependents, and this figure is expected to rise. Caring impacts heavily on employees, but can also seriously affect employers through rising levels of absence and falling levels of productivity.

What can employers do to empower and support working carers?carers_1

Actively promoting flexible working and training line managers to understand the demands facing their staff, are just two areas where employers can improve the support given to their employees.

The CIPD’s new research reveals that just 20% of organisations know how many carers they employ – do you know how many there are in your workforce?

At some point in our lives more than half of us will become carers, whether it be for parents, a partner, family member, friend or child with special needs. What can employers do to help?

1 – Recognise which employees are carers

2 – Know the business benefits of supporting your employees who are carers

3 – Build a support programme

4 – Create a Carer’s Policy

5 – Negotiate support

A government paper has been written regarding Supporting Working Carers, which gives lots of information for both the employer and the employee.

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