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What does good work mean to you?

We believe that work can and should be a force for good. When work is good, people are fulfilled, businesses are productive, and both the economy and society as a whole flourish. The CIPD are urging the next UK government, whichever party it may be, to work with employers to take action in four key… Read more

EU support proving “vital” for SME’s

Small business survival rates are as high as 91 per cent after one year of trading, but after five years just four in ten small businesses will still be trading, research finds. Poor cash flow can be a major problem. Small businesses can fail for many reasons, but poor cash flow remains one of the main… Read more

Mental Health Awareness Week

The Mental Health Foundation has hosted Mental Health Awareness Week in the second week of May since 2000. In previous years the week has focused on how mindfulness, anxiety, sleep deprivation and relationships can impact our mental health. In 2017 the theme will be ‘surviving to thriving’. SYLO Associates have Employee Wellbeing high on our… Read more

Develop Your Team

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay”— Henry Ford, Founder, Ford Motor Company The art to developing your team can be broken down into 5 simple, but effective steps. Of course whilst you are  developing your team you need to make sure… Read more

Employee Engagement – what is it and how to achieve it.

An “engaged employee” is defined as one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and so takes positive action to further the organisation’s reputation and interests.      The Employee Perspective Employee engagement is getting up in the morning thinking, “Great, I’m going to work. I know what I’m going to do today.… Read more

Develop Your Team – Then Keep them on Track

Following on from our Spring Newsletter which focussed on developing your team and investing in your employees well-being, you have developed your team, now you want to keep them on track. A good tool to do this is the Balanced Scorecard, which will help you as a manager to progress your team. So what is the… Read more

Learning Organisations

The building blocks of the Learning Organisation are: a supportive learning environment concrete learning processes and practices leadership behaviour that provides reinforcement. Each block is independent and can be measured separately. Learning Organisations with a supportive learning environment always set objectives before attending any training course that are achievable jointly between the employer and the employee. After… Read more

Personal learning networks: it’s who you know

As the old adage says, ‘it’s not what you know – it’s who you know’. This basic concept of connecting with others to gain knowledge and share insights isn’t new. The rise of social media is making it easier for people to make connections. While it helps to be sociable, you don’t have to be… Read more

Local Businesses to have their Say!

Thame High Street is one of the best in the country, it’s official! Thame came runner-up Small Market Town in the 2016 Great British High Street Competition and was number 7 on the Most Popular Market Town list 2015. However, whilst the Thame Neighbourhood Plan focuses on domestic and retail aspects of the town, the business… Read more

Money Worries Burden One in Four Employees

The New Year inevitably acts as a trigger for people to face up to festive spending splurges and plan for the future. CIPD research, published January 2017, reveals that a quarter of UK employees are battling with financial anxiety and it’s impacting their ability to do their jobs. One in five (19%) are losing sleep… Read more

Employers must do more to support working parents

CIPD new research on the demands facing the UK’s working parents found that, on average, just 5% of new fathers and 8% of new mothers have opted for Shared Parental Leave (SPL) since its introduction in April 2015. This low take-up of SPL, coupled with the lack of affordable childcare options for parents with 0-2 year-olds,… Read more

Team building and Talent

On a blustery Autumnal day in the Oxfordshire countryside a small group of managers from i-Salon Software came together to enjoy two days of Team building, fun and Duck herding!!! The aim of these two days was to improve working relationships, leading to a better understanding between the group and therefore improved working and profits,… Read more

Employee Wellbeing – are you doing enough?

As an employer you have a duty of care to your employees. Most companies will have physical health and safety policies, which mainly cover their employees physical wellbeing whilst they are in work, but what about their mental wellbeing? Employee Wellbeing should be a priority in the workplace. It translates directly into financial losses for employers if… Read more

Anti bullying week 2016

Anti bullying Week 2016 is being held between the 14th and 18th November with the theme ‘power for good’ and is organised by Anti-Bullying Alliance. Follow the events on social media using #antibullyingweek and #powerforgood. Bullying is an issue which affects people from all walks of life and can happen at any point. Research confirms… Read more

Do you need a degree to do your job?

It’s been widely assumed that increasing the number of people going to university can only be a good thing for individuals, employers and society. But, new research from the CIPD, on Alternative Pathways into the Labour Market challenges this belief. Their report suggests that for a significant number of occupations, jobs haven’t been upgraded to make use… Read more

breatheHR – HR software for your growing business

The HR software your team will love Intuitive. Straightforward. Employee-friendly. HR software online The success of your company is about managing your employees— not paper. By focusing on simplicity and ease of use, breatheHR is a cloud HR software solution designed to tame the chaos so that you can get out from behind the desk… Read more

Psychometric Testing – an untapped business tool?

Psychometrics is the study relating to the psychological measurement of how people work in different scenarios. It is split into 2 parts; one part measures their skills, knowledge, abilities, attitudes, traits and educational achievement. This is usually done through questionnaires, tests, raters’ judgements and personality tests. The second part involves statistical research on the measurement theory,… Read more

Mental health check: employers must do more

CIPD new research reveals a notable rise in reported mental health problems at work – from a quarter of over 2,000 employees surveyed in 2011, to almost a third (31%) in 2016. Nevertheless, the majority of employees still don’t feel those with mental health issues get enough support at work. The CIPD are calling for employers… Read more

Occupational Health in the workplace

Written by Lara Turvey – work experience student. Occupational health looks at how your work life affects your mental health, as well as working to ensure your mental health is in good condition. An Occupational Health Provider gives impartial advice to employers and employees on the effects of over-working on their health, and how employee’s health can affect… Read more

SYLO Associates attend Open Doors Thame 2016

Open Doors Thame is a community event run by local businesses for local businesses to increase their profile in the community. Sally White has been one of the main organisers this year and has helped to make it another successful event. The Open Doors event encouraged businesses that don’t have a “shop front” to come… Read more

Who cares about working carers?

Employers have a duty of care to their employees, but do you know who your employees care for? Only a third of employers (34%) have a policy in place to support employees with caring responsibilities. This is according to the CIPD’s new research in partnership with Westfield Health, which highlights the challenges of working carers in… Read more

How the exit from the EU may affect your Business!

A Message from CIPD Chief Executive – Peter Cheese After months of campaigning and uncertainty, the people of the UK have voted to leave the European Union. The implications of this landmark decision will be far-reaching and will undoubtedly affect the world of work, with HR and L&D professionals being at the forefront of these changes.… Read more

Embracing Change in the workplace

“Change” it is such a powerful word, with quite powerful emotions attached to it. I hate change, I love change, I enjoy the challenge of change. But what does the word actually mean? – The act or instance of making or becoming different. Quite innocuous if you think about it. You can change your outfit… Read more

Are you taking a strategic approach to Talent Management?

For organisations to gain competitive advantage, they need to develop a strategic approach to talent management that suits their business and gets the best from their people. The value of a tailored, organisation-wide talent management strategy is that it provides a focus for investment in human capital and places the subject high on the corporate… Read more

Automatic Enrolment – the basics!

In accordance with the Pensions Act 2008, the law on workplace pensions has changed, every employer in the UK must enrol certain employees into a company pension and contribute towards it. This is called “automatic enrolment”. If you employ at least one person you are an employer and you have certain legal duties. Not everyone… Read more

Can you name the 3 top causes of stress?

Overall, across the UK, the top three causes of stress in people’s lives are: money worries (22%), the nature of their job, for example, pressure or working hours (22%), and family and relationship issues (20%). These key findings come from the CIPD’s new survey on commuting and flexible working. The research reveals that the use… Read more

How can Employers attract School Leavers?

Written by Kayleigh Bull, Lower Sixth Student – Lord Williams School   There are various factors that attract school leavers as they round up their studies whether it be GCSE’s or A-levels, and considering that the top students may have their sights set on university there’s nothing like a great career opportunity to shake up their… Read more

Time Management – a bit more “me time”?

by Andre Bozon, Consultant Trainer with SYLO Associates Ltd. What would you do if you could find an extra hour in a week? Would you dedicate more time to your current customer relationships? Perhaps you would spend more time with your team; after all it is they who ensure your business makes money? What about… Read more