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Learning Organisations

building blocks

The building blocks of the Learning Organisation are:

    • a supportive learning environment
    • concrete learning processes and practices
    • leadership behaviour that provides reinforcement.

Each block is independent and can be measured separately.

Learning Organisations with a supportive learning environment always set objectives before attending any training course that are achievable jointly between the employer and the employee. After the training course the employer and the employee need to confirm what the training course will help them achieve and what they need to change to achieve their goals.

Because no one finds change easy, an “instant win” will help keep the employees motivated.

Two excellent examples of “instant wins” are as follows:

On SYLO Associates’ Time Management Course, we will give you a “bit more me time” – one delegate was able to manage her time more and dedicated her “extra hour” per day to organise her wedding. Whilst on our Coaching and Delegation Skills Course, which is part of the Leadership Skills Programme, we use the GROW model (Goal, Reality, Option, Win), one of the delegates implemented it in the Objectives Meeting with her team the day after the training course. It was received so well that all her team now use it with their teams, a perfect example of a learning organisation. This “instant win” motivated them to implement the actions learnt in the training course.

Learning Organisations implementing concrete learning processes and practices could move your business from strength to strength. By understanding your organisation’s unique challenges, SYLO Associates are able to provide you with tailored training programmes designed to achieve the right learning outcomes. Priding ourselves in providing high quality affordable training solutions, implementing these learning processes and practices would move the second building block into place.

Learning Organisations with leadership behaviour that provides positive reinforcement is invaluable to maintain the first two building blocks. If your Leadership Team are on board with the training practices and processes this will then lead to the third building block providing the foundations for the business. As training delivery experts, SYLO Associates provides Leadership and Management programmes which are designed to help businesses support their middle and junior managers giving them the skills needed to manage a team to ensure effective communication, delegation and a more structured approach to performance management.

Organisational learning is the process of creating, retaining, and transferring knowledge within an organisation. Every organisation needs help to implement the practices and processes required to allow this to happen. An organisation improves over time as it gains experience, which leads to the creation of knowledge. This knowledge is broad, covering any topic that could better an organisation.

If you would like to learn more about Management Training and development or any other areas, please contact us.