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Local Businesses to have their Say!

Thame High Street is one of the best in the country, it’s official!

Thame came runner-up Small Market Town in the 2016 Great British High Street Competition and was number 7 on the Most Popular Market Town list 2015. However, whilst the Thame Neighbourhood Plan focuses on domestic and retail aspects of the town, the business who don’t have a “shop front” may be getting pushed to the back of the priorities.    Thame_Town_Hall

Several local events are bringing this issue to the forefront, Open Doors and The Thame Business forum are just two. They are concerned that the properties that these local businesses use are being sold and allowed “change of use” to domestic. This is without proper consultation or a view of the greater impact on the economy in Thame.

These companies are the life blood of our lovely Market Town, without them employment in the town for local residents would decline rapidly. When the opportunities for local jobs for families and school leavers to stay in Thame start disappearing from the area, this impacts on the local retail outlets, public services, schools and house prices.

So what can we do?

Thame Town Council would like people and businesses to become more involved in the planning process for just this reason. A survey has just been conducted on how the District Council should engage with people, this will hopefully improve communications between the District Council and Thame residents. For more information on this issue and others go to the Thame Town Council Website.