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How the exit from the EU may affect your Business!

A Message from CIPD Chief Executive – Peter Cheese

After months of campaigning and uncertainty, the people of the UK have voted to leave the European Union. The implications of this landmark decision will be far-reaching and will undoubtedly affect the world of work, with HR and L&D professionals being at the forefront of these changes.   CIPD
Firstly, it’s important for us all to take a breath, take stock and recognise that these changes will not be immediate.
It’s a hugely complex area and even with the ‘leave’ decision being clear, there are still a significant number of uncertainties as to how the decision to leave will play out in practice.
Our exit from the European Union will likely take at least two years, giving both the UK Government and businesses time to adjust. It’s very important that both government and businesses take this time to properly assess the long-term impacts of any decisions they take and it’s vital that people are at the heart of these decisions.
While the UK’s official exit from the European Union won’t happen for some time, the effects of the ‘leave’ decision may be felt much sooner in your workplace. In the first instance, it’s likely that your colleagues may have questions over what the change may mean for employment regulation and employee rights, and how it might affect migrant workers and their right to live and work in the UK.

As Members of the HR professional body CIPD, SYLO Associates will be able provide on-going information and support through this period of change, accessing information you need to understand how the decision may affect your business, what it may mean for your workforce and for your organisation moving forward.
The CIPD have created a set of FAQs on what they know so far and what some of the implications of the leave decision may be, covering:

  • employment law and individual rights
  • migration and accessing talent from within the EU
  • how the decision to leave will not impact on CIPD membership for those members who live and work outside the UK.

As a HR Consultancy, SYLO Associates  have access to these questions and more, which will be continuously updated by the CIPD to ensure that we can play an informed role in shaping the workplaces of the future in this new political landscape. It’s been an extraordinary campaign and the decision to leave the EU will not only spark new changes but is likely to be a huge distraction for the Government from many important agendas such as improving skills and productivity.
We will increasingly need to be adaptive, innovative and agile in this continued period of uncertainty There are many questions to address in the long term regarding employment law and migration in the future, but it’s crucial that all parties take a measured, considered approach to these issues that seek the best long-term solutions for UK employers and employees.
As members of the CIPD, we have access to a wider range of information to  help with any questions you may have on what the UK’s decision to exit the EU may mean today and in the months and years to come.

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