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Occupational Health in the workplace

Written by Lara Turvey – work experience student.Occupational Health

Occupational health looks at how your work life affects your mental health, as well as working to ensure your mental health is in good condition. An Occupational Health Provider gives impartial advice to employers and employees on the effects of over-working on their health, and how employee’s health can affect and be affected by their work.

An Occupational health professional can provide more, such as helping to prevent illness from work, by assessing workplace safety and preventing a workplace injury. They normally do this by conducting research into work related health issues and following health and safety guidelines, which will include reducing hazards. Moreover, they recommend and implement guidelines to maintain a safe and healthy workplace, advising on fitness, as well as encouraging health and healthy lifestyles in the workplace. A real benefit of occupational health providers is that the recommendations they introduce can motivate employees to stay, by improving attendance and performance, for example by assisting managers to monitor and improve sickness. They can also be really valuable in supplying rehabilitation services for those intending to return to work, and advice on suitable work placements for those with health problems.

Having this available in the workplace will  encourage employees to feel more comfortable during work making them feel that they are being looked after. Since they are feeling more secure in their work environment, they should be more efficient, and performance should improve. This is just one of the benefits of investing in occupational health. Another benefit is that it ensures the company is following health and safety legislation which will prevent litigation. In addition it can identify the reasons for absences and can advise on what to do to prevent them, plus help the company take preventative and corrective action. Leading to increased profit and productivity.

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