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Team building and Talent

On a blustery Autumnal day in the Oxfordshire countryside a small group of managers from i-Salon Software came together to enjoy two days of Team building, fun and Duck herding!!! The aim of these two days was to improve working relationships, leading to a better understanding between the group and therefore improved working and profits, after all a happy team, in the majority of cases, leads to improved productivity.   duck-herding-1

So what did we do? I hear you ask. Well, with a little help from an events team interspersed with communication exercises and feedback sessions, we had a fun couple of days building race tracks, baking and formulating a team charter. The culmination of the event was duck herding, which was a fun event coupled with essential team work.

Did the delegates achieve what they wanted from the session? Here is what they thought:

“Thank you for making this insightful and helping us make changes for the better.”

“Good mix of fun plus progression / discussion / learning. Pass on my compliments to the ducks!!”

“Learnt to be more assertive with the other members of the Senior Management Team”

“I am going to accelerate the development of our Team Charter”

“Duck herding was fun and got to see how people work out of their comfort zone”

“I’ll be challenging things that aren’t adhered to after we’ve agreed them.”

Moving on from this Team building session, the group will receive feedback and follow on guidance to build on the foundations put in place during these two days.

So if you think one of your teams would benefit from a fun and insightful team building event, please contact us to discuss further.