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Time Management – a bit more “me time”?

by Andre Bozon, Consultant Trainer with SYLO Associates Ltd.

What would you do if you could find an extra hour in a week? Would you dedicate more time to your current customer relationships? Perhaps you would spend more time with your team; after all it is they who ensure your business makes money? What about talking to new prospects? An extra hour’s planning time? Or, would you just actually give yourself the occasional early finish and spend some time with the family? Even, give yourself some “me time”?Time Management

Such are the demands on modern life that we live in a world where we are often “time poor”. No-one can create extra time for us but ourselves through careful time planning and management. What is the best way to manage your time though? Is there one best system?

Put simply, no. We are all different in terms of how our minds work and our circumstances. We run a ½ day workshop that explores the different ways we can manage our time. It allows you to look at the options and select the best for you, as well as picking up some useful techniques for your team. Now we are talking an extra hour a week for you and possibly your team!

Our next Time Management workshop is on the 22nd May 2018 – Book Now to gain back that “me time”.

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