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Case Study – CIFAS – Employee Engagement with a Leadership Competency Framework Employee Engagement


Cifas is UK’s largest cross-sector fraud sharing organisation and has been a client of ours for 5 years. We were engaged to provide a programme of employee engagement activities following their employee survey and outcomes of their Iip assessment.

Our starting point was to work with Cifas to design and implement leadership attributes, which would support the behaviours/ styles in the Iip framework and improve employee engagement and collaboration across the organisation.

We then took this to create a 360 appraisal process, provided psychometric assessments so that managers across the organisation understood their behavioural styles and facilitated a number of management team away days to reach an agreed way forward to support their business planning and improve employee engagement across the organisation.


We produced a leadership competency framework that was compiled with input across Cifas to ensure the leadership attributes included those behaviours needed to support employee engagement as well as effective leadership. This has already been used to support succession planning.

Mike Haley, Deputy Chief Executive confirmed “Working with SYLO Associates was extremely beneficial for Cifas.  We wanted to focus on our employee engagement; using a combination of psychometric assessments, as a starting point, we were able to bring the team together.  The support we received from Sally and Sarah has enabled us to operate more efficiently with a better understanding and respect of one another”.