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Case Study – Leadership and Management Training

As training delivery experts, our Leadership and Management programmes are designed to help businesses support their middle and junior managers giving them the skills needed to manage a team to ensure effective communication, delegation and a more structured approach to performance management happens.

One of our clients Butterflies Healthcare, a successful multinational e-commerce Business, is a really good example of what our training programme can help achieve and in their case enabling their business to achieve sustainable growth. They needed to introduce new business processes in the team with some core business activity being outsourced.


The training programme was specifically designed for them and rolled out over 6 months covering the following core elements:

  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Delegation
  • Managing change
  • Effective planning including setting Business Objectives
  • Appraisal training
  • Improving Employee Engagement and Effectiveness

As well as the training being designed for their business, Butterflies Healthcare were also able to take advantage of the match-funding available through the Growth Accelerator (Growth Business Service) with 50% of the cost of this training being paid through a grant from the Department of Business Innovation and Skills.


The Directors were able to improve the team’s capability with a specific focus on ensuring standards were maintained in all areas, particularly customer service and, for there to be less reliance on the Directors in all operational matters. The business change processes very much involved the team with them working with the Directors on how to outsource business activity and resulted in a successful implementation.

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