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London & Zurich – Team building to improve employee engagement & collaborativLondon and Zuriche working.


This payment specialist business have experienced significant change over a two year period, affecting employee engagement and how the leaders worked as a team.


We were appointed by the Managing Director to design and deliver a team building event with the Leadership team, with the desired outcome of improving employee engagement and collaborative working.


We identified a non-work related series of “forensic” challenges (including surveillance and finger-printing) in conjunction with bespoke work related activities that we designed. All members of the management team carried out a behavioural psychometric assessment prior to the event to aid their understanding of their working styles and preferences.

From an engagement perspective, everyone started on a level playing field in terms of familiarity with the team building events and all elements of the work related activities required collaboration, honest feedback and reflection.


The team left the two-day event with clear and tangible benefits having produced a new mission statement and employee value proposition to support employee engagement across the business. Kevin Morgan the Managing Director confirmed “We found working with SYLO Associates extremely beneficial for London & Zurich. We were in a period of change with new members of our senior team joining our business and bringing new ideas.  The work we did allowed the team to understand each other far better and gain the trust and respect of one another.  This has allowed the team to work collaboratively and effectively since”.