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Case Study – Schools’ Assessment & Appraisal Framework (SAAF)™
South Abingdon Cluster

The Schools’ Assessment & Appraisal Framework (SAAF)™ gives schools the necessary clarity and structure to underpin the new national Teachers’ Standards, supporting the implementation of Performance Related Pay with a firm focus on professional development.

The success we have had working with schools has been due to our collaborative and supportive approach which maximises staff engagement. Our work with the South Abingdon Cluster demonstrates how our collaborative approach achieved the best and most cost-effective outcome for the seven primary schools involved. The smallest of these schools had just 50 pupils with the largest school having 152 on the roll.


The Headteachers from the seven schools were all seeking a process that involved their small teams in describing and defining what the Teachers’ Standards meant and how this could be effectively implemented within their schools, in the context of their current development and Ofsted outcomes. The SAAF™ enables Heads and staff to demonstrate that their professional development underpins the improvement of teaching and learning within the school.

As smaller schools the cluster had budgetary constraints, so working together ensured a cost effective bespoke solution.

SYLO acted as external facilitators at both the key workshop and introductory twilight staff sessions, as well as undertaking all the activity required to produce the framework, developing a project plan and producing and managing all the supporting communication.


The feedback from staff and the Headteachers was extremely positive with all stakeholders feeling more involved and motivated as a result of the discussions they had about their professional development and the supporting processes.

The project also led to an improved and updated Appraisal process with staff more actively reviewing their own professional practice and understanding what they needed to achieve, both on an individual level and a school level, in order to progress in their career.

The Headteachers and Governing Body now have a robust and externally validated performance management process in place which provides them with greater confidence in decisions made about pay. The process also minimises the risk of appeals against pay decisions. In addition the schools have a bespoke framework, which enables and supports greater professional reflection by their teachers, improved appraisal outcomes and a more targeted identification of development needs.