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Coaching – an invaluable key for developing future talent

SYLO Associates recently conducted a coaching programme as part of a newly developed Leadership Management Development Programme for a globally recognised business. In addition to designing and delivering the bespoke programme, we promoted independent coaching so this runs alongside their programme giving participating employees access to an independent person, outside their organisation.

We’ve often found this brings benefits to the company, as coaching gives broader opportunities for an employee, covering many aspects of the work life journey, looking at elements of their Leadership Style, their behavioural impacts on a team or just simply, having an alternative ear to talk through their challenges!

Managing conflict and how to deal with it is always an area that requires more impactful coaching with an employee, so maybe including specific role plays can help. Coaching has consequently become a popular outreach to many employees who would like to be supported through their daily pressures of being an employee, as well as adding the amazing and elating element of being told they are the future of an organisation.

Balance is key and coaching can be invaluable way of developing our future talent.

If you would like further information on how coaching can help your business, or on our Leadership Development Programme please contact us.