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Do Summer Perks improve Productivity?

The Summer of 1976 was the hottest summer on record, so far, but is the Summer of 2018 set to break that record?

We all love nice weather and let’s be honest, there is nothing the British love talking about more than the weather. So why not get your employees talking about how great their employers are during the hot weather?

Summer perks have been known to improve productivity, so whilst you may associate hot weather with lack luster employees, who would rather be anywhere except the office, what can you do to improve your Employee Wellbeing in the Summer? Here are a few ideas, that can have really positive results in the work place.

  • Summer Hours – early finishes on a Friday to make the most of the weekend, even if it’s just an hour, would be a great boost to your workforce. Make sure they know it’s for a limited period only and they may have to alternate weeks to ensure the business keeps running smoothly. You never know it may become a more permanent arrangement, if it works well.
  • Natural light – if you are able, open those blinds and curtains and let the natural light flood in, ensure that no screens are in direct sunlight, but the serotonin really boosts a persons mood. If you can’t make this happen in the workplace, make sure everyone gets an outside break to boost those Vitamin D levels.
  • Ice-cream deliveries – OK so it may not hit the healthy eating policy but they do say that “a little of what you enjoy does you good”. So treat your employees to an ice-cream break. If you have lots of employees, the cost may be excessive, arrange with a local ice-cream van company to do a stop off at your offices and supplement the cost of the ice-creams.

Lovely outdoor space at Taxi for Email

  • Access to outside space – this may not be possible in lots of companies, but if you have outside space available, make it a nice place to eat lunch or have a sunshine break. It may mean something as easy as getting the grass cut or making sure there are picnic blankets available for people to sit on. Our client Taxi for Email have made the best out of a small outdoor space, with tables and parasols.
  • Showers and changing rooms – lots of people exercise more and eat healthier during the summer months, if you can, have showers available for those employees who decide to cycle to work or go for a run at lunchtime. Not only will they enjoy a shower after their exertions, their collegues will appreciate the availability too!!
  • Drinks with collegues – after work drinks with collegues, sitting outside enjoying the summer evenings is a great way to improve employee relations. Just make sure that everyone is expected in work the following day, if it’s a work day, and designated drivers get free soft drinks.
  • Work event – whilst normally trying to arrange a BBQ during the great British summertime would be a nightmare in between the rain showers! But this weather is conducive to getting the team together over the sausages, this is a great way to teambuild in a relaxed manner. It doesn’t have to be after work, a lunchtime BBQ could also be an option.
  • Summertime Sports Events – look into screening sports events, the World Cup was a great example, plan for the finals of Wimbledon which could be a regular event, add in a punnet of strawberries and watch the “feel good factor” soar.
  • More casual work clothes – most companies already have a “dress down Friday”, but during the summer months relaxing the dress code may be an option depending on the type of business you run. Be clear right from the start what is acceptable, your employees need to remain professional.

There are lots of lovely ideas here and we are sure you could think of more specific ones that would work in your business. Let us know if you try any and the differences they make. If you would like guidance on more permanent solutions to team dynamics and team motivation email us now.

Have an amazing Summer and enjoy the sunshine!!