The advent of COVID-19 during 2020 has caused a massive change in how businesses operate.  Some view this change as temporary, something that will shortly change back to the old norm, where they were comfortable.  However, the most successful businesses and their teams are those who learn from the situation.

A key change that, in reality, has only be catalysed by COVID-19, is the move away from cold calling towards using social media to build client bases, in particular the use of LinkedIn.  Do you want to know how you can make LinkedIn work for you?

Join André Bozon, Lead Trainer at SYLO | Beyond HR as he discusses: how to sell yourself and your business in the new norm.

In today’s business to business market everybody has a shop window.

Indeed, we have many shop windows from our business website to our social media activities.  As an individual, none of these is more important than LinkedIn, just take a look at these statistics from 2020:

  • Over 590 million professionals use the platform
  • 97% of B2B marketeers use LinkedIn for their content marketing
  • 80% of social media sourced leads come from LinkedIn
  • 46% of social traffic to corporate websites comes from LinkedIn
  • 38% of B2B marketeers say LinkedIn is generating revenue for them

To put the final statistic into context, that is 3x more than Twitter, 4x more than Facebook and 19x more than Instagram.

The fact is that right now you could be using LinkedIn to build your sales, engaging prospective clients more easily and reducing your levels of stress.  Once you get into practice using it, you will find it is much easier and more reliable than cold calling.  Indeed, the move to this way of business has been catalysed by COVID-19, with those who adopt this practice managing to continue to grow their businesses.

This looks great but can also look daunting, so how can you maximise your sales through LinkedIn?  Well, the first step is to build a strong presence, which is where this comes in.

In the first of a series of workshops, we look at:

  • Changing behaviours in B2B sales and how the change has been catalysed in 2020
  • The purpose of Social Media in business sales
  • How to create an impactful presence on LinkedIn
  • Making first contact with prospects
  • How to find the right people

Based on a proven formula, this highly interactive on-line 3-hour workshop is divided in two 1.5-hour sessions, with a 15-minute break between, designed to maximise learning and provide confidence in driving your business profile forwards, as soon as you leave.

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