Organisations rarely put the same effort into ‘offboarding’ an employee as they do to ‘onboarding’ a new recruit. Be it a voluntary resignation, or an involuntary departure, like redundancy, the staff exit process is often overlooked increasing the risk of a data breach. This module in our Workplace Data Protection series covers managing staff exit.

This course will cover:

  • Describe the employee exit timeline;
  • Describe how to demonstrate your compliance with the accountability principle, such as the steps to complete a ‘staff exit checklist’.
  • Identify the potential data protection challenges with employees leaving the organisation involuntarily (i.e. deliberate data breaches or submitting a subject access request)
  • Describe how to ensure that all devices and data are returned in a safe and timely manner;
  • Highlight retention periods for previous employees;
  • Discuss who should/could be involved with managing staff exit.

Target Audience

  • HR Professionals
  • Operations Directors
  • Owner/Managers
  • HR Directors

SYLO | Beyond HR and Databasix are proud to have collaborated to develop and deliver these sessions to support the management of data protection in the workplace. You can read more about Databasix here.

There are 5 modules which culminate in a Diploma in Workplace Data Protection. For further details on the subsequent modules, visit our Events page.

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