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Future Fest 2017 – A Student’s View

By Ben Penrose – Year 10 Student at Lord Williams School

Future Fest, at Lord William’s School Thame, is an annual gathering of companies from all across the country to give interesting and informative talks to students about what they do as an employer. How they have achieved their success so far, how others can emulate them and what students can do about their future career choices. This is popular for the students that have plans for their future, and for those who don’t.

Future Fest is great opportunity for young adults and teenagers to not only view many career options, but also to help some decide. There are dozens of employers who are all willing to offer information on their various career opportunities providing a fascinating look into the world of work. In addition to giving the attendees an interesting experience, they also get a useful insight into their future. Students can have a look at the vibrant and informative stands and talk to the employers to get a good feel for the companies and their different career options.

At Future Fest students can make up their minds on what careers they like, and which ones to rule out. Employers are always happy to talk to students, giving them details on their careers and what educational paths to take to get there. After having these conversations with employers, students can decide not only if the job is right for them, but if the path to that job is one they can achieve.

There is a massive variety of employers ranging from farmers to engineers who attend Future Fest. Lots of students have little or no idea on what they want to do in their future, but with the wide range of options available at Future Fest students can see loads of options in one room. Showcasing jobs that people may never have heard of, as viable options for someone’s future.

Future Fest is a great way for employers to ‘advertise’ their career choice. There are lots of smaller organisations who aren’t as well-known as other employers. With these companies on show to a big of crowd of people it’s not only students who benefit, but also the attending firms.

With work experience just around the corner Future Fest was a great way for students to find a placement. As the end of year work experience nears lots of students go to Future Fest with the intent of finding a placement for the week. This is great for not just students, who get a great pick of placements to choose from, but it’s also great for employers who get to show students what it’s like in their line of work. This can sometimes also lead to a part time job which benefits both groups.

Students who know what they want to do, but don’t know what GCSE’s to take to get there, can use Future Fest to find out which options to take. Lots of the students who don’t know what GCSE’s to pick in order to follow their career choice can simply ask at an employer’s stand in order to choose the correct options for their future. This lets the student have a good idea of what to they need to do in order to achieve their ideal future.

In conclusion, Future Fest is a great opportunity not only for students, who can make decisions about their future, but also for businesses who can use Future Fest to educate others about the services and products they offer and in turn increase knowledge on what they do. It also helps students make decisions which will benefit them in the long and short term. The event as a whole is a very nice event where everyone who attends benefits.

If your company would be interested in attending Future Fest on Wednesday 31st January 2018, contact Nicky Stallwood on for details.