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It’s Autumn – here are 10 things that happen in the workplace!!

It’s that time of year when the summer tans are fading fast, the leaves are starting to change colour and everyone is on a the countdown to (sorry!!) Christmas – 83 days if you want to know……

With the changing of the seasons come all the other changes that we all experience at work.

Here are 10 things that are guaranteed to happen where you work this autumn. **

1. You will experience an in-built back-to-school desire to buy new stationery.

You still need a pencil case and scented gel pens for work right?

 2. You will moan at anyone who starts talking about Christmas

All the while getting secretly excited and thinking who you want to get for secret santa this year.

3. Everyone gets their work winter wardrobes out.

Out come the thick tights and wintry themed sweaters.

4. Tea rounds increase and are one of the sole sources of warmth

Everyone also gets excited about all the new autumn/winter flavoured drinks.

5. Your office temperature goes from one extreme to the other.

Too hot in summer, too cold in autumn. Are blankets acceptable work attire?

6. Soup will be the staple diet of all of your colleagues

And you’ll be fighting over who gets to use the microwave first.

7. You will lose about 4 umbrellas.

You won’t realise they’re lost until its pouring down and you’ve had to park as far away from the office entrance as is humanly possible.

8. The one day you do bring an umbrella,

The wind will punish you and blow it inside out anyway.

9. You’re in a silent war with your colleagues as to who can park the closest to the door

You arrive earlier and earlier each day so that you can win.

10. You go to work in the dark…

And you come home in the dark…

So how do you keep your employees engaged whilst all these distractions are taking place? Our recent blog Employee Engagement – what is it and how to achieve it, will give some insight, along with a few ideas to keep your team focused. Including team meetings, making your employees feel valued and drawing on their experience to further the company’s success.

If you would like some more information on this or any other issue, please contact Sally or Sarah to discuss your requirements.

** thank you to BreatheHR  for the information for this article.