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My Experience, of Work Experience!

By Theo Mitchell – Year 10 student from Lord Williams School

I decided to complete my work experience week at SYLO Associates, based in Thame. I chose this company because they work in Human Resources, something I am very interested in, having learnt about it in business studies at school.

I was welcomed by Sally White and Sarah Stevens on my first morning and we almost immediately set off to a meeting with a possible future client, who has worked in teaching and computing, and is now looking for a new career opportunity at somewhere such as SYLO Associates. In the afternoon I was set with the task of completing some research about HR Toolkits, which was very interesting, as I previously knew nothing about this subject.

An early start was required on Tuesday, as a meeting was being held at the Kassam Stadium in Oxford at 8:00! The meeting was to discuss how Oxfordshire businesses can make an impact through innovation, and was led by OxLEP. Their aim is to turn Oxfordshire into one of the top three global innovation ecosystems by 2040. The discussion, led by MBE Emma Jones, was fascinating and an eye opener into the world of enterprise. On Tuesday afternoon, I was tasked with a range of activities, such as completing more research on a company known as Osbourne Purdie, who I am meeting on Thursday, and creating my own CV, which was a lot of fun! To finish the day, I attended another meeting, the Thame Business Forum, which is a quarterly meeting, this time held at Lucy Electric. The main issue that was discussed was the Thame Green Living Plan, which is a plan to keep Thame’s rural perspective alive rather than having a completely industrialised town.

On my third day, I was invited to another meeting, held at the Spread Eagle Hotel with a company who were contemplating decisions on what to do with an employee who was on full pay but is struggling with a long term injury, and therefore finding it difficult to complete some of the tasks required to do their role. A decision was made to arrange a meeting with the employee, so that plans can be made on their long term future, as they had been at the company for a considerable number of years.

Thursday involved travel to Maidenhead to meet Tim from Osbourne Purdie, a company involved in the automotive industry that provides cars, training and services across the world. They even got to work as social media influencer hirers for Amazon Prime’s ‘The Grand Tour’. The meeting was a “getting to know you” session, so that Osbourne Purdie could see whether they required the services of SYLO Associates.

On Friday I just rounded off some of the work that I had been doing and printed it off, before heading off home early!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at SYLO Associates and I would recommend it for anyone looking for business related work experience. I am now considering this as a career path, as the world of HR really interests me after this week. Sally, Sarah, Sharon and Lisa were very welcoming and really made me feel at home at SYLO Associates. I may even return here for an apprenticeship, as it was a very enjoyable week.

If you would like more information about SYLO Associates as an option for work experience or interested in what we do, please email us.