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Psychometric Assessment – A tool for Leadership Development & Teambuilding

Leaders and their teams are vital to a company’s success. Psychometric assessments, in various guises, can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team members and highlight gaps that require filling to move the team forward.

As a company, SYLO Associates knows that teams are critical to the effective performance of a business, but we often come across teams that are significantly underperforming. Knowing the teams potential and helping them to realise it, is part and parcel of what we do; and psychometrics is one of the tools that help us to do this.

So what happens if there’s a gap in your team? How can you ensure you recruit someone who will fit the team’s dynamic? By the use of behavioural benchmarking we can help to both identify those gaps and then work with you to recruit someone to fit. We look at the behaviours of your current team, working closely with you and your team leader, we can help how as a team you can transform your workplace culture.

Al McNamara, Director of Corporate Services at CIFAS believes we made a significant difference to one of his teams – “A huge thanks, once again, for the work SYLO Associates did.  I thought you managed what could have been quite a tricky meeting exceptionally well, and that we all left feeling positive about the session”.

Taking your team to the next level, involves understanding the inner-dynamics of how you all work together and the working skills needed to succeed. Can you answer the following questions about your team?

  • Can you recognise the strengths of the team so you can maintain them?
  • What are the team’s limitations to improve on?
  • What is the role of each person in the team and why?
  • How will this team react to change?
  • Where is there potential conflict in the team?

Taking this information together with a team audit can really help provide clarity around where your team currently stands, not only as an individual unit working together, but also where they fit into the company as a whole. The team audits we have carried out using psychometrics can inspire the team to achieve more, pinpoint any training needs and identify skills gaps that can be filled either by training current members or through recruitment.

By identifying the behavioural and communication styles of your team members, you will give them a greater insight into themselves allowing them to recognise how they work best with their colleagues and how to get the most out of their team members.

In conjunction with the psychometric assessments, the appraisal system can also be an excellent tool to discover how your teams think they are working together, where team members see themselves in the future and what assistance they need to reach their and your business goals. We would love to hear about what you think of your appraisal system, please take 5 minutes to complete our survey.

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” Bill Gates

This is as true for teams as it is individuals. 360 feedback is essential in helping teams to recognise how their behaviour is perceived across the business. Is the team dynamic working? Or is it having a negative impact on the perception of the team across the business?

By opening your team up to feedback from others, you will receive essential information and recommendations that could help you to take your team from good to great.

So you have identified and filled the gaps in your teams; set up an appraisal system that continually assesses where the team is and where they need to be. Is that it? Can you sit back and watch the money roll in, because you now have this amazing team.

Of course not, you’ve set the foundations – now you need to maintain it! You need to commit to making individual and team improvements along with changes that enhance performance and capitalise on strengths. You need to ensure that your team is constantly working together as effectively and efficiently as possible.

This is an excellent opportunity to implement training courses for your team. As experienced trainers SYLO Associates, working in conjunction with an event company, can formulate a complete package to set your teams on the track to success, which can include our Leadership programme in conjunction with training workshops tailored specifically to your company’s requirements, with or without a teambuilding session included or individual mentoring and coaching. Showing your support in developing your teams will ensure individual members feel a growing sense of trust and recognition within the company. When team members are able to trust each other and work collaboratively, motivation increases and objectives are easier to reach.

When team members work well together, there is little they cannot accomplish. Make sure you’re looking at the bigger picture when it comes to your teams and increase your chances of developing a high performing team.

For further information on how you can improve your teams and so improve your business contact Sarah or Sally on 01844 216290