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Psychometric Assessments for Team Development and Recruitment

Psychometric assessments are becoming increasingly popular with employers as they assess, in the format of multiple choice questions, numerical skills, verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning and occupational personality, all of which employees need different levels and aspects of in order to thrive in various careers.

These psychometric assessments are primarily used by employers as part of the recruitment process either in order to decide on which candidates to invite to interview or nearer the end of the process to assess serious potential employees. As well as saving time and money – the assessments can be done electronically – psychometric assessments, the personality section in particular, can help to find candidates who will be a good fit in your company because of the focus on character traits. The usefulness of psychometric assessments cannot be underestimated as they can also be used within your company as a means of employee personal development, ongoing assessment, leadership development and team-building.

SYLO Associates clients HollandGreen and Cifas, found the innovative use of psychometrics resulted in raising awareness of personality types to support team development and employee engagement. We also drew upon the psychology of learning and neuroscience when designing the workshops for these businesses, which resulted in significantly improved employee engagement and improved efficiency outcomes for these clients. This is evidenced in client testimonials.

In both organisations we were able to produce team profiles spidergrams, which identified strengths and areas for development which the business and team used to identify and agreed actions going forward. This spidergram definitely helped the team recognise the gaps and agree actions to increase the “employee voice” at Cifas.

In the case of Cifas this ensured all actions resulted in an aligned vision on business priorities over the next 12 months with SMART targets to track and measure progress against.  The competency framework was produced with wider input across the business to ensure leadership attributes were most appropriate and could support succession planning.

Ben Holland from HollandGreen said that SYLO Associates deliver ‘Fast Track Management training’ focusing on communication and understanding others’. Using Psychometric Assessments to ascertain the best way to train his workforce.

“I have found the PPA assessments very interesting and spot-on for myself. Being a high IC I have found it fascinating reading into everyone’s profile and trying to understand how I can adjust my behaviour slightly to suit them. As a team we are all now aware of peoples’ preferences as well as how to identify if someone is under pressure. The PPA is something that we have run out for the management team so far and are looking to do it companywide in 2019.” Sophie Welch, Accounts and Office Manager, Holland Green.

How can psychometric assessments benefit your company?

If you are struggling with recruitment, would like to discover who your strongest potential employees are, find yourself with a higher staff turnover rate than you would desire, feel the communication and team-work within your company is lacking, then psychometric assessments could be of great value to you.

Whether your company has 10, 100 or 1,000 employees, the cost benefits of psychometric assessing can been seen most clearly where the difference between good and mediocre job performance really does have a big influence on the bottom line.

Our team are experienced in using a range of psychometric assessment tools and have BPS Level A and B certificates in psychometric training so can guide you on various assessment options whether as part of providing recruitment, leadership or team development support.

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