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Standing up against race hate

There’s growing evidence of a deeply troubling spike in racism and race hate across the UK following the recent EU Referendum. We are standing up against race hate.

SYLO Associates, in conjunction with our Professional Body the CIPD, are supporting a campaign by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), encouraging employers to show leadership in challenging intolerance and ensuring those experiencing workplace racism feel supported.

What you can do, as a manager, to tackle this issue?

  • Be clear that racism and racial harassment will not be tolerated. You have a duty of care towards your employees.
  • Make sure your employees understand that they are expected and should expect certain standards of behaviour, respect each other.
  • Include any recognised trade unions in discussions.
  • Be vigilant in spotting and dealing with any behaviour which could amount to discrimination, harassment or hate incidents in your workplaces.
  • Any discussion of contentious political issues at work should be conducted sensitively and with respect for the views and positions of others.
  • Line managers have a particularly important role in managing difficult situations that may arise and supporting employees who may be feeling vulnerable and facing uncertainty, and it’s essential that they have access to appropriate information and training to help them do this in the right way.
  • Make sure your employees know what to do if they experience discrimination, harassment or a hate incident.

So join us in helping all our employees know that we are standing up against race hate.

For information on this subject read more here or if you need any assistance with this or any other workplace issue please email Sarah or Sally.