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The Training Hub

SYLO Associates Training Hub – the place to go for all your training requirements

SYLO Associates are delighted to publish our Training Hub programme of workshops for 2019 / 2020, following on from a successful 2018, which featured several FREE workshops on topical subjects. The Training Hub is the home of our expanding range of bespoke and open training programmes designed to develop you and your team.

Training Hub courses can be presented at your business premises, our offices in Thame, or in conjunction with one of our popular team-building events. Ranging from full bespoke programmes to individual personal development opportunities, the Training Hub meets the needs of a wide range of delegates, offering a great way to benefit from networking with new acquaintances.

Leadership Training Programme

Leadership training can be rather bland and boring. We have transformed our comprehensive Leadership Training Programme into a contemporary model appropriate to you and your workforce in 2019. We live in an uncertain, volatile and changing world where leadership could not be more important. Getting the absolute best value for your money is of paramount importance to us.

Questions like:

How do you lead millennials and how do you get them to follow you?

How do you lead in a technological world?

Mentoring and Coaching

Drawing on the experience of SYLO’s team of associates, the Training Hub provides a full range of courses and workshops, we offer one-to-one coaching and mentoring to individual members of your team, including new recruits right through to managers.

We also provide this service to sole traders and individuals, whatever your circumstances we have a training programme to suit. Our Time Management Course, allowing you to gain a bit more “me time”, is very popular across all our clients, for the date of our next course email us.

“We have been providing training to businesses and individuals for over a decade, helping a wide variety of companies to grow and developing the employees and leaders they need to ensure their continued long-term success”, said SYLO Associates co-founder Sally White.

To see an example of a Leadership Training Programme implemented by SYLO Associates click here.

Click on the images opposite to view the Programme, and below for the invite to our next event:


Daniel Haywood, General Manager at Cap2 – Jonas speaks about our Leadership Training Programme.

“I’m very lucky as I have a great team who are open to change and have welcomed the initiatives I have introduced recently as a result of the programme. We have all worked on our Time Management (including recognising Time Bandits) as well as how we communicate with each other, to ensure we are as productive as possible.
The real-life task of working with other companies has provided great insight into how other Jonas companies operate and helped build a network of colleagues to call upon for advice support and good practise (shout out here to the Tucasi team for hosting me for the day!).
Toolkit/Manager/Administration – I love learning and the programme has really helped me broaden my knowledge of how to run a Jonas business and particularly develop my leadership skills to my great team….”