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World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2018 and Employee Well-being

World Mental Health Day 2018

World Mental Health Day 2018 has put the spotlight on Mental Health in the workplace and increasingly employers are looking at how they can improve employee wellbeing

SYLO Associates were pleased to host a seminar recently – Mental Health in the Workplace and Employee Well-being – in conjunction with Nick Wilson from Working Minds Matter. A brilliant turnout encouraged a varied discussion on the different aspects of Employee Well-being and the affects the workplace can have on your employees mental health, whether it be good or poor mental health.

The environment, physical health and communication can all have a positive or negative affect upon how an individual performs in the workplace. Not all sufferers of poor mental health take time off work, there is a high percentage of those suffering with mental health issues that go to work every day, but are not very productive.

This is called Presenteeism, the practice of coming to work despite illness, injury, anxiety, etc., often resulting in reduced productivity.

Getting to know your employees is an excellent way of highlighting when they are acting out of character. Those Monday morning chats around the water cooler can show up the person who has been at home all weekend rather than going out as is their norm.

This is a very wide and varied subject, our two hour short seminar, whilst informative and thought provoking, just scratched the tip of the ice-berg. At SYLO Associates we encourage our clients to focus on employee wellbeing and communication. Encouraging them to get to know their employees, which is a cornerstone of helping to identify if they are acting “out of character” an indication that something may be wrong.

So how can you as an employer do more to communicate well with your employees? Employee engagement starts with knowing what your employees think, an employee survey can help with this. A successful employee survey flags up areas of concern and can help to open lines of communication to move towards a better solution for all parties involved. Mental Health Ambassadors can also be a good way of rolling out the message about employee well-being and good mental health, especially if they are voluntary roles and they have been given some training.

If you would like more information on how to introduce Employee Well-being into your company or any other issue surrounding this or any other topic, please contact us:

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